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STPP Powder

Superfine Ferro Phosphorous Powder

Chemical Formula: FenPm
STPP Property:
Superfine Ferro Phosphorous Powder is without any toxicity or odor, it owns good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity; and also with the advantages as its special anti-corrosion, abrasion resistance, strong adhesion capacity. It can improve the coating properties and the welding characteristics of heavy-duty zinc-rich paint. Superfine ferro phosphorous powder(SFPP) can reduce the zinc fog produced by the cutting of welded zinc-rich coating, improve the working environment and also increase the labor protection.
Practice has proved that Superfine ferro phosphorous powder(SFPP) can be the partial substitution of zinc powder(20%-50%) to be widely used in automobile, containers, ships,  steel structure, the production of conductive paint, and heavy-duty zinc-rich paint. It is the ideal product for paint industry reducing cost and updating. It can effect together with metal zinc powder, which shows better performance than the use of 100% of the zinc powder.
STPP Technical Indexes:







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The fineness can be 500-2000 mesh according to the customers’ requirement.
Package: 50kg plastic woven bag, 25kg composite bag

Recommended Applications
Superfine Ferro Phosphorous Powder can be added in the zinc-rich paint, used for electric welding of automobile and equipments. It also can be used for pre-construction primer coating, can weld coil coatings, adhesives, sealants; and be used for shielding coating and electrostatic coating guide of anti-electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. It is also widely used as the additive of powder metallurgy.
Superfine Ferro Phosphorous Powder Specific Applications

Ferro Phosphorous can be applied in the paint industry, it can reduce the cost, partially replace the zinc powder in the zinc-rich paint(Alternate amplitude up to 35 % -45 % by weight). It has been successfully used in zinc-rich paints such as epoxy zinc-rich primer, inorganic zinc silicate primer and so on.
Superfine Ferro Phosphorous Powder can weld coatings. It makes the welding possibilities for single-layer or multi-layer coatings. SFPP can be used for pre-construction primer coating, adhesive, sealants and coil coating.SFPP powder can make the paint with electrical conductivity and thermal properties.
SFPP can be used in shielding layer of electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. In anti-electromagnetic interference and resistance to radio frequency interference, it can be partial substitution of nickel or copper paint pigment shield. (Alternate amplitude up to 30% by weight)
Ferro Phosphorous can be used in powder metallurgy, it can decrease the sintering temperature, increase the suppression efficiency, and not-yet wet sintered powder's wet strength.